Project Based Learning

You'll work on real projects, set by local employers who will guide and advise you on what skills you'd need to work for them

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Employer projects are a cornerstone of the RDUTC curriculum.   Our students have the unique opportunity to take the theory they learn and apply it to ‘real’ projects designed and delivered by our employer partners.  This both extends their theoretical understanding and, crucially, enables them to develop their employability and technical skills in a real-work environment.  No other school or college in the area can offer this.

Our projects come in three formats:


  • Generic Employability Skills projects

Students complete a long-term group project (typically 7 weeks in duration) within independent study time which develops one or more of our seven identified employability skills.


  • Portfolio-based Projects

Students complete a project which links to the qualification they are studying.  The project work is assessed as part of the qualification and contributes to the student’s grade.  The Smith & Nephew Label Machine Maintenance project is an example of a portfolio-based project.


  • Curriculum-based projects

Students complete a project which enables them to accelerate their progress through consolidating and deepening their understanding of a subject area.  The project also makes learning relevant by linking it to the world of work.  The Year 10 RB Gaviscon project is an example of a curriculum-based project.

Most projects take place in Years 10 and 12 to enable students to focus on preparation for exams in Years 11 and 13. 


Employability Skills Y10 / Y11

Employability Skills Y12 / Y13

2017/18 Overview of Generic Employability Skills projects Y10 / Y11

2017/18 Overview of Generic Employability Skills projects Y12 / Y13

2017/18 Overview of Curriculum projects

Individual Project Overviews 

KS4 Curriculum

6th Form Curriculum

Employability Skills

Project based learning

Our specialisms

Our specialisms of Digital Technology and Mechatronics have been carefully chosen by our key employer sponsors because these are the skills that local industry is crying out for.


Does your brain think digital? Businesses are crying out for tech-savvy staff like you, which is why our focus on digital technology will help you develop the skills you need to succeed.


Where engineering meets computers – whether that’s developing F1 cars, using drones for scoping out new projects, wind turbine manufacturing or programming machinery.

University of Hull
Reckitt Benckiser
Smith & Nephew
Siemens Gamesa
The Spencer Group
Green Port Hull
Ideal Boilers
Sewell Group
A J Building
Air Products
Emmerson Kitney