Green-fingered students start planting project to brighten UTC outdoor space

Budding gardeners from Ron Dearing UTC are putting their green-fingered skills into action after starting work on transforming external areas of the school.

“Shrub Club” comprises of students from Year 10, 11 and 12 who are interested in the outdoors and bringing colour to the city centre site, as well as creating a wildlife-friendly haven.

A team of four students joined UTC Principal Sarah Pashley to clear patches of land at the side of the school, next to the car park and entrance, before planting 60 lavender plants to create a hedge and five buddleia plants to bring colour to a wall.

They have also planted 35 roses bushes alongside various spring and summer-flowering bulbs to brighten the area all year round.

Ron Dearing UTC Principal Sarah Pashley with members of the Shrub Club.


A £1,500 budget has been set aside for the project and students liaised with local residents to bring it to life.

Year 10 student Gabrielle Robinson, 15, said: “I really like gardening and flowers. We’re making a positive contribution to the school environment.”

Year 11 student Morgan-Lee Holderness, 15, said: “Last year I planted some flowers and weeded during my lunch break. I really enjoy coding but I also like gardening and I’m looking forward to seeing these flowers bloom.”

Year 12 student Skylar Dawson, 16, said: “I want to help the environment and encourage others to do the same. I love being outside and it’s great to improve this space for local residents.”

The Shrub Club hard at work.


Sarah said: “This project has been led entirely by the students and it’s fantastic to see so many showing a keen interest in helping to brighten our outside environment.

“We’re going for all round colour and drought resistant plants and we’re looking forward to seeing the end results.”