Ron Dearing UTC art students draw new ideas from London galleries trip

A group of Ron Dearing UTC art students are using their visit to some of London’s most popular galleries for inspiration.

Ten Year 12 and 13 students travelled to the capital to visit the Tate, Whitechapel, Eden and various independent galleries on a day-long visit capturing sculpture, film and sound installations.

They also took photographs in London’s popular Spitalfields Market and Covent Garden and saw various landmarks as they took in the sights and sounds of the city on foot.

Ron Dearing UTC art students in London.


Lynn Garland-Collins, Senior Assistant Principal and Director of Creativity at Ron Dearing UTC, said: “The students loved it and the feedback has been really positive. They were buzzing with excitement and all they talked about was planning the next trip.

“It’s important for them to see the different types and range of art out there and many of the students hadn’t been to London before, so they were completely out of the environment they’re used to. It was a fantastic and worthwhile trip.”

Year 12 student Erin Rowe, 16, said: “It was exciting and inspiring and we saw a lot in the time we had.

Art students from Ron Dearing UTC are taking inspiration from their trip to the capital.


“The Tate was fantastic and the visit showed me that everything doesn’t have to be perfect in art because it’s about your interpretation of things. I’d love to go back to London and see it all again.”

Year 12 student Emilie Cattaneo-Bower, 17, said: “I loved every minute of the trip and the Tate was filled with sculptures, which I love. I’ve created a sculpture for my coursework, so it gave me a lot of inspiration.

“I’m so pleased we were able to go on the trip this year, as we weren’t able to during Covid, and I’m looking forward to similar opportunities in the future.”