Students inspired by gallery and sculpture park visit

Ron Dearing UTC art and photography students were inspired by a visit to two of Yorkshire’s leading cultural attractions.

More than 30 Year 10 and Year 12 students spent a morning at The Hepworth Wakefield gallery followed by an afternoon at the nearby Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a picnic in the grounds.

They completed artistic tasks set by Ron Dearing UTC staff, including work based around a sculpture dedicated to Chinese New Year, and took pictures and sketched as they toured the exhibitions and followed the interactive sculpture trail.

Ron Dearing UTC students at The Hepworth Wakefield.


It was the first time the employer-led school’s art and photography students have been able to participate in an external visit since Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed.

Lynn Garland-Collins, Senior Assistant Principal and Director of Creativity at Ron Dearing UTC, said: “The aim was to open up the students’ minds to the possibilities of art and use that to inspire the work they do in the classroom, while also helping them to realise their own creative potential.  The hands-on experience will also maximise their progress in their GCSE and A-level coursework.

“The students were so enthusiastic. They saw 2D and 3D art, video, installations, sculptures and lots of different media throughout the day and it was lovely to hear such positive feedback from them.”

Students at Ron Dearing UTC have been inspired by a visit to The Hepworth Wakefield gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Year 10 student Josh Robson, 15, said: “I really enjoyed the trip and it was great to walk around the sculpture park. You can experience different forms of art there and it helps to enrich you as a person.”

Fellow Year 10 student Finley Wilson, 15, said: “I found the trip really inspiring and it showed me that art can be simple yet complex at the same time. I want to incorporate that into my work.”

Samanta Anpilogova, 14, also in Year 10, said: “It was a fun and memorable experience and I found it interesting to see art in different environments. You can take inspiration from different artists and it’s much better to see it in person than online.”

Ron Dearing UTC students enjoying Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Year 12 and 13 art students are now preparing for a trip to London on May 6th, which will see them visit the Tate, Saatchi and Whitechapel galleries to support their studies.

Lynn said: “London is the cultural capital and it’s fantastic that we’re helping our students get into the habit of visiting art galleries in person.

“Experiences like this are invaluable and we’re looking forward to involving more of our students in similar trips in the future.”