Students play their part in the fight against coronavirus

Our sixth form students are helping identify local businesses and charities in need of face shields to protect staff against coronavirus.

Six Year 12 students have been tasked with contacting hundreds of organisations, taking orders for personal protective equipment (PPE) and collecting important information to assist with distribution.

Our Sixth Form students meet online on Zoom to discuss the project with Sixth Form Pastoral Manager Alex Bulger and Area Lead Karen Arundel, from the Schools & Colleges Engagement team at the University of Hull.


The students are working in pairs from their individual homes to target specific postcode areas across Hull, identifying a need for approximately 500 face shields in each area. It requires excellent communication, organisation and research skills.

The project is part of a wider PPE manufacturing and distribution initiative led by the University of Hull, our leading education partner. The university has enlisted the support of sixth form students across the region to establish the need for more than 20,000 face shields it has made with the help of local businesses.

Businesses and organisations identified as requiring face shields include small convenience stores, care homes and counselling services, and delivery is coordinated by the University of Hull. Each business has requested between five and 50 face shields to protect their staff.

Alex, our Sixth Form Pastoral Manager, said: “I’m really proud of all the students involved and the engagement has been extraordinary.

“They have figured out a way to help people in a risk-free way and support their local community.

“They were so eager to get started and asked plenty of questions. This will be a fantastic skill and experience to add to their CVs, as part of future job applications or as part of their personal statement to apply for a university place in the future. It will really make them stand out from the crowd.”

Year 12 student James Dannatt working on the project from home


The sixth form team comprises of Natalie Bamforth, James Dannatt, Tegan Green, Dominik Gal, Joshua Lake and Harvey Easton-Minns.

Natalie said: “I wanted to get involved in this project to help people who have to continue working. I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

James said: “I feel proud to be able to give back to the community. The people I’ve spoken to were really appreciative of the help Ron Dearing has given.”

Area Lead Karen Arundel, from the Schools & Colleges Engagement team at the University of Hull, praised the students for their efforts.

She said: “The students have shown real commitment in reaching out to find the people in need of help. They have worked in an organised way to do this, demonstrating excellent team working, prioritisation and project management skills.  A massive well done to each student involved.”

The project involving sixth form students is the latest step we’ve taken to help the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Glenn Jensen, our Head of Engineering, is leading a drive to create face shields for at-risk key workers. To date, 10,495 face shields have been produced and donated.