Spencer – Swing bridge deck design & control

Spencer – Swing bridge deck design & control

Spencer Group is one of the UK’s largest privately owned, multidisciplinary Engineering businesses. An aspect of their core business infrastructure is designing and implementing bridge

The Senior Design Technician at Spencer Group has tasked RDUTC students with generating a CAD design for the deck section of a swing bridge.  When designing, students need to know that swing bridge decks are built in 6 meter by 2 meter sections, with a minimum requirement of 1100mm high hand rails.  They also need to consider the following parameters and design features:


  • Structure and profile
  • Materials
  • Drainage
  • Wearing course (surface)
  • Services and housings (electricity, cabling and data links)
  • Section joints

Having completed the design process, the Senior Design Technician requires students to manufacture a 1:20 scale model of at their CAD swing bridge. All dimensions will, therefore, require scaling.

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